New York News
Drama Series, 1995

Mary Tyler Moore took quite a departure in this series, playing Louise Felcott, the tough editor-in-chief of a tabloid newspaper. The series, which debuted September 28, 1995 on CBS did not fare well, and Mary Tyler Moore eventually requested to be allowed to withdraw from the series, out of disappointment with the development of her character in the show.

Regular Cast Members:

Louise Felcott .... Mary Tyler Moore
Mitch Cotter .... Joe Morton
Jack Reilly .... Gregory Harrison
Angela Villanova .... Melinda Kanakaredes
Nan Chase .... Madeline Kahn
Ellie .... Kelli Williams
Amato .... Anthony DeSando

1. "Pilot" First telecast September 28, 1995.
D: James Quinn
Reilly smokes out an insurance scam involving the fire department; Ellie writes a story on a down and out taxi driver; and Angela plays part-time mother for a little girl whose mother has a job. 465090.

2. "Fun City" first telecast October 5, 1995.
D: John Coles
Angela gets involved in a controversy over an ex-con (Robert Knepper) who plans to return to his neighborhood after doing time for shooting a woman; Reilly is threatened by mobsters after a piece on a sweatshop. Meanwhile, Ellie is sent to get a comment from a cross-dressing police official. 465001.

Guest Cast

Dana Ling .... Tze-Cheng Chun
Davidoff .... Gerry Becker
Susan .... Anne O'Sullivan
Kerns .... Peter Freshette
Deeks .... Phillip Clark

3. "Thin Line" first telecast October 8, 1995.
D: Michael Apted
Angela investigates the Central Park shooting of a mother (Cordelia Richards) and her two young daughters; a champion boxer (Joycinto Tara Friddick) picks Amato to write his biography; Louise does an uncharacteristic good turn to save a staffer's job; and cash-poor Ellie takes a second job. 465002.

Additional Cast

Benny .... Harold Perrineau Jr.
Lorraine .... Suzanne Cryer
Puglese .... Joe Lisi

4. "Broadway Joe" first telecast October 12, 1995.
D: Matthew Penn
Reilly investigates dirty cops assigned to a plainclothes anti-crime unit; Angela goes undercover as a 911 operator; Ellie does on-the-street research with a homeless scam artist (Scott Lawrence); and Amato works a deal with Nan to use her influence to get Joe Namath to pose in pantyhose for the paper. 465003.

Additional Cast

Lapetto .... Skip Sudduth
Sear .... Michelle Santopietro
Tanya .... Elizabeth Rodriguez
[Note: Mary Tyler Moore does not appear in this episode.]

5. "Good-Bye Gator" first telecast October 19, 1995.
D: Jack Bender
With Mitch recuperating from a heart attack, Louise hires a hotshot big-name editor (Kevin Conway); and Amato grapples with a gentle-giant professional wrestler (Tony Longo) who wants to be more than just "friends"; while Benny (Harold Perrineau Jr.) takes a particular interest in a Southern educator (Tom Alridge) who once violated his father's civil rights. 465004.

Additional Cast

Krups .... Mark Zeisler
Asia .... Michelle Hurd
Dr. Canin .... Darrel Larson
Cora .... Lizan Mitchell
Rene .... Patricia Conolly

6. "A Question Of Truth" first telecast October 28, 1995.
D: Ron Thompson
Angela does a story on domestic abuse that touches close to home; Reilly checks out a lead on a man locked in a car trunk by a mad bomber; Ellie's series on city building-code violations turns up more dirt than she expected. 465005.

Additional Cast

Gina .... Aida Turturro
Pete .... Joseph Siravo
Mary .... Kimberly Pistone

7. "Welcome Back, Cotter" first telecast November 9, 1995.
D: Scott Paulin
An unidentified caller hones Angela claiming responsponsibility for the bombing of a New York department store-and threatening to detonate another explosive if the paper doesn't print his "decalogue" of commandments. 465006.

8. "You Thought The Pope Was Something"
D: Randal Kleiser
The daughter Nan put up for adoption many years ago shows up in New York; Jack investigates lynchings that might be the work of a white-supremacist group. 465007.

[The following five episodes were filmed but not shown:]

465008. "The Cost of Living"
D: Ian Sander
Louise has a tough time dealing with the impending sale of the paper to a sausage magnate (George C. Scott); Angela covers a story on genetically engineered "designer" babies; and Ellie gets a line on a heroin dealer, but she may have gotten too close to the story.

465009. "Yankee Glory"
D: Daniel Attias
The Reporter's new owner, "Sausage King" Ollie Herman (George C. Scott), tenders his unconventional "philosophy of the news biz" to the staff. Ellie's overprotective parents (Dan Desmond, Debra Monk) visit from Ohio; and Angela's bedeviled by an investigation of an alleged Satan worshiper.

Additional Cast

Jennifer .... Arabella Field
Nelson .... Gareth Williams
Mrs. Nelson .... Leslie Nelson

465010. "Past Imperfect"
D: Michael Engler

465011. "Forgotten"
D: James Quinn

465012. "The Using Game"
D: Karen Arthur

Episode guide courtesy of The Mary Tyler Moore Page

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