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10/09/99 Just wanted to let you all know that this site will be moved to Simplenet in the next couple of weeks, and I WILL update it better from that point on. Until then, just wanted you all to know that Kelli is on the cover of "Walking" magazine. I'm also getting a scanner so I'll scan the pics in case you can't find the magazine. Lastly, I received pictures from two of Kelli's past projects from two great people, so when the site is updated be sure to check back for a LOT of new pictures thanks to these great people!

9/13/99 Wow! The Practice ROCKED at the Emmys last night. Holland Taylor (Roberta Kittleson) and Michael Badalucco (Jimmy) both won Emmys and the show was named BEST DRAMA on televsion! Woohoo! There are three pictures of Kelli from last night here.

A note: I'm moving all my sites to Simplenet in the next few weeks, and after that I will begin updating the Kelli Williams Web Site again! Thank you for your patience!

7/31/99 I've finally added TV Alerts for August. There aren't many. TV Now only has The Practice airing twice in the month August. But that could always change I guess.

7/27/99 I know I'm horribly behind in updates and I apologize. Not a lot is going on and with the show not airing new episodes there's not a lot of new things to report. I did see finally the episode where Lindsay attacked Ellenor. Haha it was great :-). Anyway, I'm working on August TV alerts since I was too lazy to put up the July schedule.

6/12/99VCR ALERT! Thanks to Natasha, who tipped me off to the fact that Kelli will appear on the Regis and Kathie Lee show on Monday, June 14th. Check local listings for the time when this interview will air in your area!

6/09/99Sorry for the lack of updates! Yesterday was Kelli's 29th birthday, so we'd all like to wish Kelli a happy birthday and a wonderful year! Also, Kelli was nominated for a View Quality Award as Best Supporting Actress in a Quality Drama alongside co-star Camryn Manheim. Congrats to both of them on that!

I'm working on getting up some screen captures of Kelli in one of the "The Practice" episodes last year. Thank you for your patience!

5/26/99 I found a few screen shots of Kelli when she was on the TV show "The Young Riders" a long, long time ago :-) They aren't the clearest or biggest of images, but go here to see them if you're interested.

5/24/99 Don't forget to watch Kelli on Law & Order tomorrow!

Thanks to the help of Arthur, I was able to add a new picture of Kelli here. And, thank you to June who sent me this transcript of a chat session with Kelli that occurred last Septemember. Thank you!!

5/14/99 Damon captured some more images of Kelli, this time from this season's episode "State of Mind" that aired in December in the US. To view these captures, go here.

5/10/99 Thanks to Damon, who has kindly offered to help make screen captures for this site, we now have two pages of images of Kelli on Picket Fences.

I also added three new images. One is of Kelli and the cast at the Emmys last year. The other two are promo images.

Finally, the Kelli Williams Website is putting together a book of messages from fans for Kelli's birthday. Please go here to leave your message. It will be included in the book at our discretion. Thank you!

5/03/99 Today I added a new photo to the Kelli pictures. It's from the ABC The Practice website.

If you're interested in reading a little more about Kelli's upcoming role in the TV movie adaptation of the book "Flowers For Algernon", Ultimate TV has a blurb about it and they actually spell Kelli's name right! No big new info but here is what they say:

    Kelli Williams, who plays the ambitious attorney Lindsay Dole on ABC's "The Practice," will star with Matthew Modine ("Short Cuts" ) in the CBS TV movie "Flowers for Algernon," based on the Daniel Keyes story.

    The "Flowers" story, which earned Cliff Robertson a best actor Oscar in 1968 for "Charly," the feature film version of the book, follows a developmentally disabled bakery worker who becomes part of a lab experiment that raises his IQ to genius status.

    Williams will co-star as Alice, who becomes Charly's (Modine) love interest in the telefilm which will air next season.

5/01/99 Hello! First off, I added the VCR Alerts for the month of May to this section today. Kelli's past guest appearances on Law & Order and Picket Fences will air this month so be sure to check them out.

Next, Debbie from one of the mailing lists posted that the following appeared on Zen (what is this?hehehe):

    THE PRACTICE's Kelly Williams will co-star with Matthew Modine in the CBS adaptation of the Daniel Keyes novel FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON. She'll play the researcher who falls for a disabled baker who undergoes an experiment which turns him into a genius.
Be sure to check out the current issue of Entertainment Weekly for a picture of Kelli and the following blurb:
    November sweeps we were getting a tad weary of her bitchy intrusiveness; by May's we were asking "Where the hell is she?" Kelli Williams that is. Her Lindsay returns to the dramatic fray when one of the firm's partners is attacked (ABC's not saying who -- duh) and the D.A.'s office unleashes Helen to prosecute the case. The third season wrap-up will also serve as a reunion of sorts, as recurring characters George Vogelman and Judges Hiller and Kittleson return for a piece of the action.
If you have any information about the season finale of The Practice or news about Kelli, please let me know. Thank you!

4/25/99 There isn't much news to report this week. Mainly, Kelli's son, Kiran, turns a year old on Tuesday. All Kelli's fans wish him a very happy birthday!! I'll be finishing up the filmography section of this site very soon. Thanks for visiting!

4/16/99 On Sunday, a brand-new episode of "The Practice" airs at 10 PM (EST) on ABC. The description for this episode is as follows (according to the Official ABC Site:

    Bobby must come to Lucy’s aid when she finds herself exposed on the Internet; and Helen tries to find the truth behind a father and son’s involvement in a woman’s murder.

I've added a new mailing list to the Miscellaneous page, as well as a link. The mailing list is for The Practice fanfic, and to join you send a blank message here. The new link is to the archive for the fanfic list. To view the archive, go here.

4/7/99 I'm almost finished with redoing the site. If you hate the new look and prefer the old look, go here. I'll be maintaining that site as a mirror site so if you like it better, go there.

This site has been chosen as the Celebrity Site of the Day for April 16th.

Oh, and I also added a new screen shot of Kelli as Lindsay on "The Practice", thanks to Vickie.

4/4/99 OK I've made some changes to this page so that the VCR Alerts will be visible but not in the way. I'm going to be changing other sections eventually as well, but this is it for today. let me know what you think of the changes.

4/3/99 Welcome to the Kelli Williams Web Site! This site is new and not yet complete, but I hope you are happy with what is up so far. From now on I'll post my progress on the site on this page, so that if you come back you'll know what I've added since the last time you've been here.

Today, I added three new images in the Printed Pics gallery of Kelli. The first two images are from a panel at the 1997 Conference for Quality Television. The last image was sent in from a very cool fellow Kelli fan, June. Thank you June!

I also started up a mailing list for Kelli, and as soon as there are a few members I will make an effort to start conversations. If you want to join, let me know or send a message here.

I'm currently looking for any Kelli/The Practice images, Kelli's articles, and any other information about Kelli that I don't have up here. Keep in mind I created this site in a few days and that I've seen The Practice a total of maybe six times, so I'm a bit behind in everything. In the end, I hope this site is useful to fans of Kelli Williams.

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